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Vintage / Antique Lamps / Lighting / Electrical Accessories

Light up your home or office with beautiful Vintage / Antique Lamps / Lighting / Electrical Accessories!

We have table lamps, desk lights, paraffin lamps, candle sticks, and industrial lighting in all sorts of colours and fabrication materials (Bakelite, Catalin, Metal, Plastic, Stone). We also stock vintage electrical items e.g. sockets which are sold as collectibles for display only since they won't meet current IEE regulations.

Find them in our shop under the following categories:

Unless otherwise advised, all our vintage lamps/lights have been electrically tested. Which usually means that they have had some remedial work undertaken to ensure compliance with legislation, and that they pass the Portable Appliance Test (PAT).
Remedial work undertaken usually includes one or more of the following:

  • Rewiring with appropriate vintage style flex/braid
  • New CE marked plug top fitted along with an appropriate fuse.
  • New, energy efficient, vintage style light bulb or tube fitted
  • External surface cleaned or polished to remove surface dirt

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is usually undertaken prior to sale and/or shipping: the lamp/light is electrically tested using a flagship Seaward Europa Plus PAT tester

  • PAT Tester serial number Serial number: 26C-0243

If no PAT or electrical testing has been conducted on the lighting, the purchaser must have the electrical item inspected by a competent qualified electrician before any attempt to connect the item to a mains electrical supply.