Who Are Mullard Antiques and Collectibles?


Mullard Antiques and Collectibles was set up in 2015 by Steve and Karen, a husband and wife team, based in Cheshire, UK.  They are aided by their mischievous Devon Rex cat, Var, whom occasionally may make an appearance. He’s nosy and likes to be involved, even when his help is not needed…

Our extended family have been collecting antiques, vintage, and collectible items for over forty years but it is now time to pass on our much loved objects to new owners for them to enjoy and keep safe for the generations to come.

If you are looking for that extra special or unusual gift; an Art Deco item for your period home; or a ‘must have’ addition to your collection; well, you have come to the right place! 

Mullard Antiques and Collectibles specialises in the unusual. We offer a wide range of vintage and quirky items for all sorts of collectors and home improvers; from vintage technology , domestic, military, amateur radios and radio equipment , and vintage pottery to vintage lighting/lamps, toys to militaria, kitsch to vintage photography, clocks and watches, general collectibles, including half dolls/mineral based items/eye wash baths, and lots more! A little bit of something for everyone!

Stores and Scams!

Please be scam aware:-

We currently own the following shops:-

Mullard Antiques.co.uk on the Shopify platform

Mullardantiques.com, which is our Etsy shop

Mullard.org, which is our sister website, Mullard Magic.

Mullardantiques.shop, (or any other variation), is a SCAM website using the Mullard Antiques name and our copyrighted images. Any site offering discounts for our legitimate stores are also scams! 


Social Media

You can also find us on social media including Facebook, Instagram, retweet on X (Twitter), or pin our images on Pinterest etc. via the social media channels you usually use. You can find the links on the relevant pages. 


Like most websites, we intend Mullard Antiques and Collectibles to be a thriving dynamic place with not only things on sale but a wide-ranging blog: click on this link to go to our blog . This intersperses factual information with the occasional comedic article.  We also host guest blogs; just contact us to discuss!


Mullard Antiques, Mullard Magic and Mullbay

You may recognise the Mullard name from our existing online shop Mullard Magic. This specialises in  vintage radios, vintage valves or tubes, and military radios. Coming soon will be a new way to shop with us via an online auction, which we are calling ‘Mullbay’. This will be on our new sister website.

Watch this space for more details!

We are happy to answer your queries just follow this link to contact us. 

Please note that we are unable to provide valuations and are not currently buying any stock. We are sorry but we are unable to reply to enquiries relating to these types of requests.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best Regards,

Karen (on behalf of the Mullard Antiques and Collectibles Sales Team)