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Vintage/Antique Pottery

Vintage/Antique Pottery- A huge collection of pottery from lots of UK manufacturers, especially the Staffordshire Potteries, and collectible pottery e.g. collector's plates, blue and white pottery and commemorative pottery

Collections include:-

Adams China, Arthur Wood pottery, Aynsley China, Beswick China, Blue and White Pottery, Bretby Art Pottery, Burgess and Leigh (Burleigh Ware), Carlton Ware, Coalport porcelain, Collector's Plates, Commemorative Pottery, General Pottery,  Minton/Mintons Porcelain, Maling Pottery, Masons Ironstone, Noritaké Pottery,  Royal Doulton China, Royal Winton China, Shorter & Son, Swinnertons Pottery, SylvaC Pottery, TG Green/Cornishware, Wedgwood China, Wade Ceramics