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WW2 Admiralty Transmitting Triode Valve/Thermionic Tube CV1222/NT39/AT75

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WW2 Admiralty Transmitting Triode Valve/Thermionic Tube CV1222/NT39/AT75

This is a little piece of Radio Communication history in the form of a British ,Air Cooled, WW2 Admiralty Transmitting Triode Valve/Thermionic Tube CV1222/NT39/AT75. They were manufactured from the 1920s to the 1940s.

It has a large 4-pin bayonet base and external anode with integral finned radiator. The valve was suitable as an amplifier or oscillator down to 10 metres at full rating and down to 4 metres at reduced HT voltage. Marconi were thought to have used this type of valve in their transmitters.

A nice looking gadget for display in the vintage office, the filament is actually showing continuity; a sign that the valve is probably working!

Approximate Dimensions

Height: 21.5cm
Diameter Base: 4.8cm

The triode is very faintly stencilled with:




and the air ministry arrow

also: 5433C

Specification- see image

Filament: 10 V – 1.65 A
Max. anode voltage: 1500 V
Max. anode dissipation: 75 W
Amplification factor: 22
Mutual conductance: 5.0 mA/V
Anode impedance: 4200 ohms
Max frequency for 75% anode rating: 37 MHz

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