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GB Bell & Howell Sportster Double Run Eight Cine Camera & Mytal Anastigmat Taylor Lens

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GB Bell & Howell Sportster Cine Camera With Taylor Lens 0.5 Inch F2.5

This 1930s/40s GB Bell & Howell Sportster Double Run Eight Cine Camera, with a Taylor Hobson 0.5 Inch F2.5 Lens, is one of the nicest condition cine cameras that I have seen! It is a double run eight camera using 8mm cine film.Half of the film is exposed at a time then the reel is flipped to expose the other half.  The camera is in a beautiful hammered bronze metal finish and very well engineered.

It comes with its original leather travel pouch and a removable Mytal Anastigmat Taylor, Taylor, Hobson 0.5inch f/2.5 cine/movie camera lens with lens protector.

The camera does still appear to be working but I haven’t had a film through it for several years. It would make a fantastic display piece for the movie buff or vintage office if you can’t track down some 8mm film (which is still available at specialist retailers).

The camera comprises the following:-

  • One Kodak Cine 8 Film Reel
  • Right hand side
    • Hand crank
    • Film speed setting
    • Reel timer
  • Left Hand Side
    • Film release button
    • A dial which indicates Weston Film Speed, frames per second, camera speed and recommended f stop depending on the lighting conditions and level of shade.
  • Front of the camera
    • Two buttons which, when pressed together, release the lens
    • The Taylor 0.5inch f/2.5 lens with lens filter
    • The on/off switch (up for single frame and down for continuous)
    • A viewfinder with frame guide (which can be flipped in or out).

A Serital Taylor, Taylor, Hobson 1.5 inch f/1.9 cine lens is also available. Please click on the following link.

Please click on the following link for more vintage photographic equipment.

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