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Dynatron Gypsy TP16 Vintage Portable Transistor Radio

Dynatron Gypsy TP16 Vintage Portable Transistor Radio

Dynatron Radio

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Dynatron Gypsy TP16 Vintage Portable Transistor Radio

This 1960s MW/LW Dynatron Gypsy TP16 Vintage Portable Transistor Radio has recently been fully checked, serviced and cleaned. It is covered in its original cloth, which reminds me of blue jeans, with a mottled multi-coloured blue appearance.

In pretty good cosmetic and working condition, with a few small blemishes in the cloth and slight age related discolouration. All the plastic is in good condition except for a small crack in the front (right hand side) of the display. The back of the radio is quite difficult to put back on.

The radio was originally powered by two PP1 6 volt batteries, however, these have been unavailable for quite some years. To get round this, we suggest powering the radio using two 4 x 1.5 volt AA cell adapters which are freely available on the internet auction sites. We have powered the radio using a bench power supply and found the radio to be lively capturing a multitude of AM stations on both MW and LW. Both tuning and volume controls operate smoothly with no crackles.


The Dynatron Gypsy TP16 is a two band radio:-

  • Wave bands: Medium Wave, Long Wave (AM)
  • FANE speaker (Yorkshire, UK)
  • Originally powered by two PP1 6 volt Batteries/cells. The batteries are not included.
  • The case has been polished and finished to a high standard
  • A large door on the back gives access to the battery compartment.
  • Approximate Dimensions excluding handle(WHD): 24.1 x 17.8 x 8.1cm (9.5 x 7 x3.2 inch)

As this is a more than 50 years old radio it may have some very small age related blemishes, but in general it looks stunning and will be a great addition to any radio collection.

Additional Information:

Country: Great Britain (UK)
Manufacturer / Brand: Dynatron Radio Ltd, MaidenheadUK
Year: 1961 Category: Broadcast Receiver
Reception principle Super-Heterodyne ZF/IF 470 kHz

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