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Chas Stadden English Buckingham Pewter 1809 Grenadier Guard

Chas Stadden English Buckingham Pewter 1809 Grenadier Guard

Chas Stadden

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Chas Stadden English Pewter 1809 Grenadier Guard


We have for sale a Chas Stadden English Buckingham Pewter 1809 Grenadier Guard. It is boxed and in very good condition, except that the rifle is loose and needs reattaching to the base as highlighted in one of the images.

The cardboard sleeve is creased and discoloured, with nicks in the corner. 
Backmarked with several hallmarks including the ABPC (Association of British Pewter Craftsmen) and Made in England.


  • Brand: Chas Stadden (Buckingham Pewter)
  • Material: Pewter
  • Age: 1960-1990
  • Condition: Very Good. Boxed with original label
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Maker: Stadden Original
  • Height (including base): 12.6cm (Figurine ~90mm in height excluding plume)
  • Base Width: 5.8cm
  • Style/period: Vintage

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Some History For You

Charles C Stadden (known to friends and family as Chas) was born in Leytonstone, London in 1919 and passed away in 2002. He had quite a colourful career, including full time military service with several regiments during WW2 covering Dunkirk, Africa, the Middle East, Italy and Greece.

It is little wonder with his history that Chas was interested in model soldiers. In 1951 he went into commercial production and was noted for his sculptures, figurines and artwork. A very talented artist.


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