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1950s T36A Marconiphone Valve MW / LW Suitcase Radio

1950s T36A Marconiphone Valve MW / LW Suitcase Radio


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1950s T36A Marconiphone Valve MW / LW Suitcase Radio

If you love quirky vintage radios then this 1950s T36A Marconiphone Valve MW / LW Suitcase Radio is the one for you!

This radio is not directly useable in countries with mains power of 110V/50Hz (eg. USA/ Canada). However, with a 110V to 240V step-up transformer the radio would then operate satisfactorily.

At first glance it resembles a small suitcase but when you open the lid a lovely quirky radio appears before your eyes! 

This portable, but heavy (3.5Kg unpacked), radio is in pretty good cosmetic condition. The outer plastic 'faux reptile skin' case is scuffed and scratched with rusty hinges, but the inside, covered in natty red fabric, is in fairly good condition. It does have a 'musty' smell due to storage.

Approximate Size (WHD):  30.8 cm (12") x 11.8 x 25.5cm (10")

It has its original knobs and metal Marconi logo badge. It was sold as both a battery and mains powered radio, however, the batteries are no longer available to buy. 

Hear/see it working in the following You Tube video : 



  • Model: Marconiphone T36A
  • Made by Marconi, UK
  • Mains power: AC only 195-255V 50-100c/s. 
  • MW (187-565nm) and LW (1000-2000m) bands only
  • Dates to ~ 1950s. First released in 1954
  • The Marconi T36A has the following Valves: X18, W17, ZD17, N19 and a U142 rectifier
  • Approximate Radio Dimensions (WHD):  9.25 x 2.5 x 5 inch / 23.5 x 6.4 x 12.7 cm
  • Electrically identical to the Ever Ready Model B
  • Dry Battery Pack: Combined L.T and H.T 7.5 & 90 Volt. No longer available and Not included. 
    • Ever Ready B126(90v HT) & Ever Ready AD38(7.5v LT)


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