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Decca KW Electronics KW107 Supermatch ATU / SWR / PWR Meter

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Decca KW Electronics KW107 Supermatch ATU / SWR / PWR Meter

This Decca KW Electronics KW107 Supermatch ATU / SWR / PWR Meter is in good used condition, with some scuffs and marks to the case commensurate with age and use.  

Approximate Size excluding knobs and connectors (W.H.D):  30 cm x 17 x 20.3 cm  

This particular model, serial no. AT 803, is a 75 Ohm version and has had some modifications as follows: -

  • The addition of  a 4x AA battery box, The battery box powers, what appears to be, a preamp board affixed to the front panel
  • The battery box is affixed to the chassis using insulating tape.
  • There are no additional holes added to the front panel, hence with a little work the ATU could be returned to its original state.
  • The back panel has amendments with the addition of a SO239 socket and a non-standard twin binding post arrangement.
Hence we are offering it at lower price.

Many consider KW 107 Supermatch to be one the finest ATU ever made, not only that but, as well as aerial tuning, it contains an SWR bridge, a power meter, an antenna switch and a 75 ohm dummy load to boot!

In fact, if we break down the KW107 SUPERMatch we find it is a combination of the following KW products, all in one box: -

KW E - Z Match Aerial Tuning Unit 
KW103 SWR and Power Meter 
KW Antenna Switch
KW Dummy Load (either 50 or 75 ohms) - this one is fitted with the 75 Ohm load.

  • The Wattmeter is calibrated in two ranges, 0-100 and 0-1000 watts.  
  • The frequency range of the Aerial Tuning Unit is 3·5MHz - 30MHz.  
  • The ATU will match an antenna impedance of approx. 30 - 2500 ohms on 10/15/20 metres and 30 - 1000 ohms on 40 and 80 metres.
  • Suitable for transmitters with power handling of up to 1KW PEP.  
  • The Aerial feeder can be either 'balanced twin' or Coaxial - sockets for both are fitted at the rear of the unit.

Please click on the following link for a pdf of the instruction manual. 

    Please click on the following link for more vintage radio equipment and accessories. 


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