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1988 The Story Of Scophony By Thomas Singleton

1988 The Story Of Scophony By Thomas Singleton

Royal Television Society

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1988 The Story Of Scophony By Thomas Singleton

This rare, first edition, paper back book is the 1988 The Story Of Scophony By Thomas Singleton, and is a real blast from the past taking us to the very early days of television. 

It is mainly a written monograph about the work of Solomon Sagall's company, Scophony Ltd, which developed a mechanical television based on the 1930s patents by George William Walton and William Stephenson. The company produced an electro-mechanical television which was, according to Wiki, far superior in picture quality and size than that developed by John Logie Baird.

* Used Soft back cover: 152 pages, 14 chapters with black & white illustrations, extracts from letters and scientific publifications, and photographs
* Author: Thomas Singleton
* Publisher: The Royal Television Society,  Tavistock House East, London, WC1H 9HR, UK
* Book Condition: Very good. Some slight discolouration on the covers and book edges. No annotations. Spine is slightly creased but not broken.
* Published in 1988. First Edition. ISBN 1871527058
* Approximate size: Height: 21cm x Width 15cm x Depth 1cm

According to Wikipedia:

Scophony was a sophisticated mechanical television system developed in Britian by Scophony Limited. A black and white image was produced by modulating a bright light using a piezoelectric crystal vibrating a liquid lens and the scanning motion was created using mirrors mounted on high-speed rotating drums to project an image upon a screen.

Scophony received investment money from initially Ferranti and then Ecko. Production was halted at the start of WW2. The company merged with the John Logie Baird company in 1948. 

A nice reference book for the book collector and Television aficionado.

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