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WW2 US Army Signal Corps Throat Microphone T-30-V SC6149A

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WW2 US Army Signal Corps Throat Microphone T-30-V SC6149A

This wonderful looking historic device is a WW2 US Army Signal Corps Throat Microphone T-30-V SC6149A Made By Shure Brothers, Chicago, USA.

Boxed With the original, 'Restricted' issue, Instruction Sheet, which was published with the authority of the Chief Signal Officer with transmission to unauthorised persons prohibited by law under the Espionage Act U.S.C 31 & 32!

This throat microphone was made as a 'spare' and has never been issued. Consequently, it is in very good cosmetic condition. The press studs were required to attach it to a neck band (not included).

It is marked on the side in red with SC5647, and embossed with:-

The original cardboard storage box is intact but has some surface blemishes. The label on the top reads:-

  • U.S. Army Signal Corps
  • File No. 11809-WF-43
  • Item No.1
  • Each Microphone T-30-V
  • Stock No. 2B1630V
  • Manufactured by 
  • SHURE Brothers
  • Chicago U.S.A

Approximate Size Of Box
  • Width: 11.4cm 
  • Height: 6.3 cm
  • Depth: 5.2cm 
The box also contains a microphone base, marked No.16 I-13 235.

A fantastic collectible artefact for all collectors of Militaria and amateur radio enthusiasts.

The T-30-V were the preferred microphones of the WW2 United States Army Air Force but were also used by tank crews Sound was picked up & transmitted as vibrations through a carbon microphone. Air crew reported that voices could be heard better over background engine noise better than other types of microphones.

Please click on the following link for more vintage microphones.

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