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WW2 R1155E RAF Receiver 10D/1332 As Used In The Lancaster And Halifax

WW2 R1155E RAF Receiver 10D/1332 As Used In The Lancaster And Halifax


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WW2 R1155E RAF Receiver 10D/1332 As Used In The Lancaster And Halifax

This amazing looking piece of radio history is a WW2 R1155E RAF Receiver 10D/1332 As Used In The Lancaster And Halifax Bombers, and some airborne and ground stations.

The working condition of this 1155E (Serial No. 65596 ) has not been verified and the receiver has not been powered.

This R1155E (ref. 10D/1332) has a steel case but is otherwise the same specification as the R1155A, which has an aluminium case. They used the aluminium for making aircraft so later in WW2 they had to move to manufacturing with steel.


They were usually accompanied by the T1154 Transmitter, as shown in the photograph of a Lancaster Bomber Radio Operator Station.

The only difference between a 1155 and 1155A/E radio receiver is that filters were added in the 1155A/E to prevent interference from MF Transmitters. 

  • Made in January 1944, it's in very good condition, with a mint front panel with all controls. The steel case has a few surface blemishes and scratches
  • The internal circuits and componentry will need checking and verifying prior to powering. There are two DF valves missing; VR99 and VR102. That said, the receiver presents superbly and is a testament to good storage and cherished ownership over the past 80 years.
  • The dial is brightly coloured and the logging scale is in superb condition.
  • Has an original Type 13 concentric tuning knob
  • Plug locking bar pillars intact   
  • This receiver must be powered by a floating HT and LT power supply. High voltages are involved. Any attempt to power this 80-year old receiver must only be undertaken subject to our conditions of sale listed in red below.

Circuit Diagram


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