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Weston Normal Cell By Cambridge Instrument Company

Weston Normal Cell By Cambridge Instrument Company

Cambridge Instruments (CI Co)

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Weston Normal Cell By Cambridge Instrument Company

This is a portable Vintage Weston Normal Cell By Cambridge Instrument Company, which would have been used as a laboratory standard for voltage. They typically stabilised at around 1.018638 Volts. No current was normally drawn from the cell.

This type of cell was made between 1924-1967 and are no longer in use. We are selling this as a scientific curio/display item only but it is working with a measured output of 1.018 volts at 20ºC.  

The cell consists of a brass cylinder with 2 connections at top marked ‘+’ and ‘-’.  It is labelled:

Weston Normal Cell
NP 53754
No. 15551
Cambridge Instrument Co. Ltd England

Invented by Edward Weston in 1893, it was adopted as the International Standard for EMF from 1911 until superseded by the Josephson voltage standard in 1990.

Approximate Dimensions

Diameter: 9cm
Max Height: 14.5cm

This beautiful scientific instrument is a must-have for collectors of vintage electronic/physics/science equipment as a display item in an office, University, or man-cave.

NB: The photos have been taken with and without flash, hence the differences in colour.

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