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Vintage Telegraphy Uniselector Wheel

Vintage Telegraphy Uniselector Wheel


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Vintage Telegraphy Uniselector Wheel 

We believe this is a Vintage Telegraphy Uniselector Wheel, also known as a stepping switch wheel.

I've no idea which application it was used in e.g. telegraphy, telephony, telex, radio communications etc, but it does pre-date the use of microprocessors!

It is made from brass and is approximately 15.2 cm (6") diameter.

The outer rim is alpha numeric comprising 50 letters and numbers:

  • A to S inclusive (excluding I,J, O or Q or TUVWXYZ) (15 letters)
  • 0-9 inclusive (10 numbers)

Each appearing twice on the wheel.

A nice little collectible for those whom love vintage technology.

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