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Vintage Past Times Cat Jigsaw: 1000 pieces in original packaging

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Vintage Past Times Cat Jigsaw: 1000 pieces in original packaging.

This is a lovely Vintage Past Times 1000 piece jigsaw Titled: 'A Cat is a puzzle to which there is no solution'- Hazel Nicholson. It has never been assembled and is still in its original packaging.

It would suit all ages of jigsaw, cat, and quotation lovers alike! It has some lovely pictures of cats and some equally famous feline quotations as an ode to cats, all set in a fictitious antique shop. e.g. Other quotations include:

'The smallest feline is a masterpiece': Leonardo Da Vinci
'One cat just leads to another': Ernest Hemingway

Finished picture: approximately 750mm x 500mm or 20" x 30"

Full colour picture included.

Box size 37 cm x 27.5cm (unpacked)

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