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Spectrum Communications Transverter TRC4 10SL

Spectrum Communications Transverter TRC4 10SL

Spectrum Communications

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Spectrum Communications Transverter TRC4 10SL

This pre-owned Spectrum Communications Transverter TRC4 10SL is in pretty good cosmetic condition with a few surface blemishes commensurate with age and use.

Originally sold as either a kit or pre-made, this 4m Transverter is designed to transvert a 10m (28MHz) signal to 4m (70MHz).

  • Output: 25W
  • Maximum input: 5W
  • Miniumum input: 500mW

This type of equipment is still available from Spectrum Communications priced at £323. 

According to the Spectrum Communications website their range of transverters have the following attributes:- 

This is a new version with 3-terminal regulated oscillator supply and a crystal oven to make if suitable for very narrow band digital work. Add 2 or 4 or 6 metres to a rig with 10 metres. The transverter main board contains an attenuator in the transmit path and can be configured for 1-500mW or 0.5-5W drive levels and gives 300mW output. The RF sensing of the transverter will work at drive levels from 5W down to 100mW.  Below that drive level, hard switching is required. Class AB linear operation gives all mode use. The standard product includes a linear amplifier giving panel adjustable output 5 to 20W on 2m, or 5 to 25W on 4 or 6m.

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