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Alpa Reflex Model 6C 35mm Film SLR Black Camera Body

Alpa Reflex Model 6C 35mm Film SLR Black Camera Body


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Alpa Reflex Model 6C 35mm Film SLR Black Camera Body

This is a very nice professional, hand made, Alpa Reflex Model 6C 35mm Film SLR Black Camera Body, with Black Leather Alpa Ever Ready Case. Although the cast black metal body is in very good cosmetic condition, with some minor surface blemishes, it has the following issues:-

* The focal plane shutter is not visible in the film gate
* The curtains are not visible. (There is one curtain that has become detached from the body-see image)
* The wind-on and shutter release button do not appear to work.
* The selenium meter responds to light but we cannot attest as to its accuracy.
* Lenses are not included

Accordingly, this camera body is sold as a restoration project/spares only.

The Alpa Black leather Every Ready Case is in pretty good condition, with surface scuffs and scratches, and wear/breaks in the leather commensurate with age and use.

An extremely rare camera body, (less than 500 made), with excellent build quality, which would suit the vintage Alpa camera collector.

Please click on the following link for more vintage photo equipment.

* Some Information For You.

Alpa is the brand name of successive generations of high-quality, hand built, 35mm SLR cameras made by the Swiss watch part manufacturer Pignons S.A., who also made parts for the high grade watch maker, Jaeger LeCoultre. The Alpa Reflex series was originally designed by Jacques Bolsky/Bolsey before WW2.

The Alpa 6c was made from 1960-69 and featured an uncoupled meter and 90 degree prism. Alpa didn't make lenses but recommended use of the 50mm f1.8 Kern Macro Switar. Other manufacturers made lenses with an Alpa mount including; Schneider, Angenieux, Kinoptik and Kilfitt, Enna, Old Delft, Pentax and Chinon.

As with other generations of Alpa Reflex, the third generation 6C has a solid lightweight metal construction with a conventional built-in meter. Most of the parts on these types of camera are interchangeable including the lens, prism/finder and film back.

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