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1980 Huntley And Palmer Rude Edwardian Garden Party Biscuit Tin

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1980 Huntley And Palmer Rude Edwardian Garden Party Biscuit Tin

This is the infamous 1980 Huntley And Palmer Rude Edwardian Garden Party Biscuit Tin, with the X-rated copulating dogs in the tulips, copulating human couple in the bushes, and a jar labelled with something called 'hit' on the table!

It's approximately 20.2 cm (8") in diameter and in good condition with a few surface scratches mainly around the edges. The colours are still quite vibrant. It still has the remnants of the original sealing tape around the lid, and the biscuit greaseproof paper cover, which smells of biscuits!

The base of the tin does have slight dents and black smudge marks. The tin is empty as the contents were consumed by my hubby many years ago... He bought the tin as a teenager and spotted the X-rated illustrations and wanted to keep the tin but just had to eat the biscuits!

In the late 1970s, Huntley and Palmer commissioned a freelance artist, Mick Hill, to produce a biscuit tin design based on paintings by the Victorian/Art Nouveau illustrator, Kate Greenaway.

Unbeknownst to Huntley and Palmer, Mick incorporated a few risqué extras! When found and reported by an eagle-eyed Grocer, the newspapers went into overdrive and said that the additions had been placed there by a sacked employee who was disgruntled as he received no compensation. This tale proved apocryphal as Mick later revealed in interviews, including this one with the BBC... he added the extras out of pure devilment!

Huntley and Palmer removed the tins from sale as soon as the extras were discovered and hence they are now highly collectible!

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