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1940s Bertram Standard Folding Light Exposure Meter

1940s Bertram Standard Folding Light Exposure Meter


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1940s Bertram Standard Folding Light Exposure Meter

This is a very nice 1940s Bertram Standard Folding Light Exposure Meter. It was made in Germany but the instructions inside the meter are written in French. This model was also known as the Electro Bewi Standard in the USA.

Made from metal, it comes without instructions or a travel case. In fair cosmetic condition with scuffs and blemishes commensurate with age and use.

Dating to the 1940s, post-WW2, the exposure meter appears to be in working condition but I can't attest to its accuracy.

Approximate measurements (Exposure meter case):  7.5cm (~3" height) x  3.2cm (depth) x  5.6cm (width)

A great little gizmo to use with your vintage camera!

Bertram is a German manufacturer of photographic products, best known for its Bewi light meters

To operate the meter:

Open by pressing the middle button at the top of the meter: the lens also pops out.  The meter should be held at waist-level so that you are looking down at the face. With the lens facing the scene, you can then read the light level on the meter. The reading is then transferred to the slide-rule calculator at the front of the meter to give you your exposure.

This meter also has a built in optical extinction meter which is used at low light levels. You look through the small window in the centre of the outer case and read off the number you can see, either 1, 2 or 3, to obtain the light level instead of using the lens.

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