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Notice Of A Massive Increase in Shipping Prices to the United States

Posted by Karen M on

Notice Of A Massive Increase in Shipping Prices to the United States 

A notice from Royal Mail explaining the reasons behind the astronomical rise in shipping costs for U.S customers.

As a result of exceptional cost increases outside of our control, we are reluctantly introducing pricing changes for parcels being sent to the USA from 1 July. We are limiting the increase to only recover the costs we are experiencing. 

These costs are a direct result of: 

  • An increase of more than 100% in the fees the US Postal Service (USPS) charges for the ‘last mile’ delivery of international mail
  • Securing air freight at inflated market costs due to a 95% reduction in air passenger flights globally following the outbreak of Covid-19. 

At Royal Mail, we always aim to deliver the best value international services for our customers. We fully recognise that these changes are significant. This was a decision we reluctantly took but is necessary in view of the increased costs borne by Royal Mail.

Just to put these price rises into context, this sudden hike means that a 100g parcel will be 33% higher in cost to ship and a 2kg parcel  will be 56% higher in cost to ship!  Just like these usurious institutions, I too have to pass on the costs to my customers.  At least the highwaymen of Merrie old England had the decency to wear a mask!

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