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1970s Vintage Hacker Sovereign II RP25B VHF MW LW Radio

1970s Vintage Hacker Sovereign II RP25B VHF MW LW Radio

Hacker Radio

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1970s Vintage Hacker Sovereign II RP25B VHF MW LW Radio

This is a very impressive, working, Black 1970s Vintage Hacker Sovereign II RP25B VHF MW LW Radio. The Sovereign II 25B was only made for a short period in 1972 in Great Britain by Hacker Radio Ltd, Maidenhead.  

Hackers were a luxury product praised for their build quality and superb sound: every radio collector should have at least one! 

Here/See it playing in the following video:-



  • This example is in very good cosmetic and working condition with a black leatherette covered case showing all knobs and trims present.
  • Unlike some of the later Hackers presented for sale, the printed top plate has unmarred print and is free from significant scratching all of which presents a well cared for, scarce vintage radio.
  • If I am hyper-critical, I must mention that I think this radio has been used in a room where the owner was painting as there are tiny white dots on the radio body which scratch off with a finger nail. I've got most of them off but I do keep finding more each time I take a close look at it.
  • It does have a slight musty smell due to storage and lack of use.
  • The radio works perfectly on all bands.


  • Batteries/ Cells - requires two 9 v PP9 batteries. Please note that the cells/ batteries are not included but are readily available to buy on the internet. 
  • Loudspeaker:Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) - elliptical
  • Sockets: External AM/FM aerial, three 3.5 mm jack sockets for tape recorder, audio input and earphone, socket for 18 V PSU.
We notice similar examples of this iconic radio being sold by other vendors for a price in excess of £120, however, we have decided to price this beauty at a fair price point. 

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