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All I Want For Christmas Is Memories!

Mullard Antiques

All I Want For Christmas Is Memories! Hi everyone, Today, is the first of December, and I wanted to celebrate the start of advent with you by sharing a post entitled All I Want For Christmas Is Memories. Intrigued? Then please continue reading! What does Christmas mean to you? I don’t think it really matters where you are in the World, or what faith, as many people now celebrate Christmas by exchanging gifts with loved ones. It is a time when families get together, put disagreements aside (hopefully!), for one day and focus on one another and spread some ‘Good…

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A Design Classic? The Ericofon Cobra Phone

Ericofon Cobra Phone

Love it or hate it, the iconic design of the Ericofon Cobra phone is a must for any 1950’s-1970’s retro or vintage office, music room or living room! It is called a ‘Cobra’ or ‘Kobra’ due to its snake-like appearance. The Ericofon has a bit of a cult following amongst fans of 1960’s and 70’s fashion and design. Here’s why.

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