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Who were Bretby Art Pottery and Tooth & Co?

Vintage Bretby Art Pottery Nursery Rhyme Bookends Models 3262 and 3263

Who were Bretby Art Pottery and Tooth & Co? Bretby Art Pottery was started in 1882 by Henry Tooth and William Ault. The company was actually known as Tooth & Co. Ltd. Tooth and Ault designed and built their own pottery in Woodville, Derbyshire. Manufacturing began on 25 October 1883. They entered the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1884 and won a gold award. Not a bad result for a first attempt! The famous ‘Sunburst’ trade mark was registered in the same year. Bretby Sunburst Trade Mark The partnership was dissolved on 1 January 1887 when William Ault set up his own pottery…

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