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It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs

It's Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs

It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs Hi everyone! Another treat in store for you today by way of a guest blog by my good friend, Eiffion Ashdown, of Collectibulldogs, and ‘Dog Dad’ to Wiggles the Bulldog! Congratulations to Eiffion for his recent awards for his blogging and for creating such a diverse Bulldog collection. For those whom may remember, Collectibulldogs now has a presence at Brighton Museum. As a testament to such hardwork, Eiffion has built a tremendous network of social media followers and should be highly commended! Over to Eiffion:- Good day avid readers of Mullard’s Antiques! How are you,…

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Excited About Exhibiting Museum Bound

A Great Guest Blog by COLLECTIBULLDOGS.COM : – Excited About Exhibiting museum bound. 30 July 2016 I’m really pleased to host my first Guest Blogger from Thank you to Eiffion for a really interesting and informative read about his challenge with exhibiting some of his prize bulldog related collection at Brighton Museum! Visit Eiffion’s website for more of his eclectic blogs by clicking on this link  Hi folks Hi there good folk I hope all is well with everybody out there staying safe and keeping well, I have some amazing news after talking with my mentor just lately that I…

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