JNF Favorit Vintage Clockwork Metal Toy car


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JNF Favorit Vintage Clockwork Metal Toy car

This is a wonderful, hard to find, JNF Favorit Vintage Clockwork Metal Toy car. Made in 1950s Germany by JNF. American Convertible in style, with Grey paintwork and a red/orange seat.


  • length ~ 26.6cm
  • width ~ 10.3cm


  • Steering wheel column gear lever/shifter is broken
  • Windscreen is missing (replacements are available on internet auction sites)
  • No key, hence unable to test whether or not it is working
  • Paintwork in pretty good used original condition, with some surface scuffs and scratches
  • All four tyres are intact
  • Front grille rusty
  • Glass headlamps/lights intact
  • Unboxed

In good condition, these cars are worth in excess of £200. We are selling this as a non-working model for display/restoration at a significantly lower price.

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Some Trivia For You!

JNF is named after its founder, Josef Neuhier. The company was founded in Germany in the 1920s and were known for their high quality manufacture of tin plate/sheet metal toy model cars with operating features e.g. ability to steer forward and in reverse. Several cars were modelled on life size automobiles. Production of metal cars ceased in 1956 with the introduction of plastic cars, which were cheaper to manufacture and more competitively priced.

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