Small Henry Browne Sestrel Gimbal Marine Compass


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Small Henry Browne Sestrel Gimbal Marine Compass

This nautical navigation instrument is a Small Henry Browne Sestrel Gimbal Marine Compass, dating to the 1960s. It is in very good condition, with a few surface scuffs on the glass and on the metal.

“Sestrel” was the trademark used by the English instrument maker, Henry Browne, Barking, UK. They were World famous makers of fine quality nautical, meteorological, and aircraft instruments including; compasses, clocks, sextants, barometers and chandlery items. One of their most widely venerated items was the ‘Dead Beat’ compass used by the Royal Navy in WW2. The company was bought out by “Lilley & Gilley” in 1975, who continued to use the “Sestrel” brand.

Approximate Measurements

  • Box
    • 9.5cm (width)
    • 6.2cm (height)
    • 9/1cm (depth)
  • Compass Base Diameter: 7cm
  • Height (including bracket): 6cm


This hand bearing compass comes:-

  • In a cardboard box stamped with the model number 90317
  • With a mounting bracket stamped

Made in England 70

  • Back of the Compass is engraved

Made In England 69


  • It also stamped in blue on the rear but I’m unable to read the writing.

Sestrel” is a name made up as follows:-

  • Sensitive
  • Steady
  • Reliable

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