Baumuster T1 Morse Key. Anf.Z:Ln 26902


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Baumuster T1 Morse Key. Anf.Z:Ln 26902

This amazing looking Morse key is the famous German Baumuster T1 Anf.Z:Ln 26902, dating to the 1930s/40s and used extensively in larger aircraft in conjunction with a FuG10 radio. They were made by several manufacturers, whose logo is stamped on the inside of the lid.

Approximate measurements:
Base Width: 8cm
Base Length:- 15cm (6″)
Height: 4cm

It has a dark brown plastic lid, in good cosmetic condition, with the notice “vor dem offnen Stecker herausziehen” (before opening pull plug out), and a high-voltage arrow and a circle.

Sits on a black metal plate, which has extensive scuffs, and is marked with Baumuster T1 Anf.Z:Ln 26902, as well as a cable outlet on the right side with a bend relief spiral. It also has a 1/4 inch jack plug attached.

A great find for all collectors of military keys or radio communication aficionados.

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