1980s Original Orange Ericofon 600 Type SR1007B/ TRS8007


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1980s Original Orange Ericofon 600 Type SR1007B/ TRS8007

This fantastic looking orange phone is an original Thorn Ericsson 1980s Original Orange Ericofon 600 Type SR1007B/ TRS8007 or ‘Cobra Phone’. The Ericofon (1950s-1980s), besides being a one-piece phone, had the unique feature of a dial hidden in the base of the phone.

This particular model had no bell/tone ringer or recall button fitted from new, and was made for a very limited time (limited edition). An iconic design, the Ericofon 600 is very difficult to come across in such good original condition. It does dial out with no problem and, if you can find them, ringers can be fitted retrospectively. It’s a real collector’s piece and, other than a light clean, has had no restoration.

In great working condition it does have a few surface blemishes, (please see images), including:-
1.0 A small stress mark in the rear
2.0 Dark dots in the surface of the exterior which are not removed by a gentle wipe.

Model TSR8007, (with UK phone socket connector), was released in the UK in 1978 by BT (British Telecom) as part of their Special Range. This particular telephone model was only available in either ivory or orange.

In 1982, the BT price list shows that customers paid a one-off charge of £20 for the Ericofon 600 followed by an additional £2.25 on their quarterly rental. (Equivalent to ~ £100 in today’s money with an on-going charge of nearly £10 per month just for the privilege of owning this analogue dial phone!).

Summary: 1980s Original Orange Ericofon 600 Type SR1007B/ TRS8007

  • Phone: Ericofon 600 (Cobra Phone)
  • Type: SR1007B/ TSR8007
  • Item Code: 410904/905
  • Year: 1982
  • Made by Thorn Ericsson
  • Designed by Ralph Lysell and Hugo Blomberg
  • Unpacked Weight: 560g.
  • Colour: Orange
  • Height: 21.2cm
  • Base Length: 11.6cm
  • Base Width: 10cm

The special range was initially identified by reference numbers, starting at SR1000, with later models, designed to work with the Plug and Socket connections, carrying the numbers TSR8000 onwards. However, most were referred to by their name. For example, the SR1002 was marketed as the Contempra.

BT Special Range Telephones (prefixed SR)
B = Telephone without built in Bell or Tone Ringer & without Recall button

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NB: International Customers, since this was designed for the British market, I’m not sure whether or not this phone will be compatible with an International telephone System.

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