Vintage Mettoy Belphone Intercom Telephone Set


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Vintage Mettoy Belphone Intercom Telephone Set

This is a very nice Vintage Mettoy Belphone Intercom Telephone Set, dating to the 1970s. The toy was made for Mettoy Playcraft, London, England. An expensive toy when first released.

It comprises two bright red telephones and a 45ft Extension Cord. The idea being that the two children could talk to one another via the phones when located in different parts of the house! This was considered “cool” back in the 1970s when many people in he UK still didn’t have landline phones and mobiles were still a SciFi dream.

Each phone set requires four U2 type batteries: Batteries not included

One of the phones is working, the other has a break in the wire attached to the handset. Someone with craft skills may be able to replace/shorten the wire to the handset, which is made of moulded plastic, without marring the appearance of the phone.

The box is labelled No. M.I 602

Made in Japan

Box Dimensions:

  • Height: 12.8cm (5″)
  • Length: 32.5cm
  • Width: 22.5cm

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