1950s Kodak Eastman Pathé Brownie Flash Box Camera


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1950s Kodak Eastman Pathé Brownie Flash Box Camera

This wonderful little camera, made from black bakelite, is a 1950s Kodak Eastman Pathé Brownie Flash Box Camera. It was made in France, by Kodak Pathé, in the 1950s. The instructions for winding the roll of film (bobine) are written in French inside the camera.

In excellent condition, the Bakelite does have some superficial surface scuffs and the lens could probably benefit from a clean to remove any residual dust.

Approximate size:
* Length: 11.5cm
* Width: 10cm (including film advance knob)
* Height: 10cm (excluding handle)

Designed to take 6x6cm images on 620 roll film: (the same as 120 medium format camera film but on a different spool. You can rewind current 120 film on to a 620 spool as long as you can accomplish the task in total darkness).

A simple design, the original Brownie, introduced in 1949, didn’t have a flash facility. This version of the camera was manufactured with a waist-level viewfinder and built in flash synchronisation. The model is known as the Kodak ‘Hawkeye’ in the U.S.A.

The shutter depresses satisfactorily but we have not had a film through the camera.

A nice addition to a camera collection or for the budding photographer/lomographer.

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