1930s Walligraph Scissor Action Wall Extending Telephone Holder


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1930s Walligraph Scissor Action Wall Extending Telephone Holder

This 1930s Walligraph Scissor Action Wall Extending Telephone Holder was very innovative when introduced. If you were lucky enough to own a phone in the 1930s, then you needed somewhere stylish to keep it. Walligraph came up with the ideal answer, which was their ‘C’ socket scissor action extending shelf. The industrial style was all the rage in the ‘Art Deco’ period and looks just as good, today, in the modern home! The scissor action is also known as an accordion arm and this design is the ‘Automatic Phone Style, Cradle Type,’ as seen in the advert below: bottom right hand corner.

1930s Walligraph Scissor Action Wall Extending Telephone Holder
Original ‘Walligraph’ Advert

The enamelled scissor arm, “C’ socket and cradle shelf have good iron, coppered finished, black paintwork with a few scuffs and scratches. The steel arm attaching the scissor action mechanism to the ‘C’ socket is pitted and rusty.

The cradle shelf is marked as follows:-

  • On the scissor arm





  • On the Base, as above and

 “C” socket

There is also a note on the base of the telephone shelf:-

To obtain maximum adjustment

Remove screw turn this

coppered angle bracket

Half turn and replace screw

There appears to be no screw and hence the instructions don’t make any sense to me….

Approximate Dimensions

  • Cradle Shelf only
    • Length: 11cm
    • Width: 9.4cm
  • Device including Scissor Action arm
    • Scissor Action Mechanism Height: 17.8cm (excluding socket and shelf)
    • Maximum Height: 29cm (tip of steel arm to ‘C ‘socket base)
    • Folded length: 37cm (including socket and shelf)
    • Extended length: 74.5cm (including socket and shelf)
  • “C” socket wall bracket
    • Width:-8.3cm
    • Length:- 8.3cm
  • Steel arm to the top of the ‘C’ socket
    • Length: 21cm


Walligraph is best known for the quality of their industrial lighting, produced in England from the 1930s – 1950s. They patented the ‘scissor action’ for their wall lights in the UK, which was extended (sorry about the pun) to other office devices, including shelving.

This is a rare survivor and is in extremely good condition. It would be perfect for your vintage home with accompanying candlestick telephone or it could even be converted to hold a lamp!

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