1970’s Unboxed N-Gauge Trix Diesel Locomotive Hermes D823


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1970’s Unboxed N-Gauge Trix Diesel Locomotive Hermes D823, based on The BR Class 42, Type 4, ‘Warship’ Class.

For all Model Railway/ Railroad enthusiasts and collectors: a vintage N Gauge Trix Diesel Locomotive Hermes D823, based on the BR Class 42, Type 4, Warship Class.

The N gauge Trix model is in good used condition: minor scuffs. All buffers and couplings are intact.


  • Trix.  Good used condition, unboxed.
  • Diesel Locomotive, Hermes D823 (based on the the BR class 42, Type 4, Warship class)
  • BR blue with yellow front and rear ends.
  • Made in Western Germany
  • 1970-80’s
  • N -Scale
  • Not tested

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British Rail Class 42 Type 4 ‘Warship’ Class

'Warship' Class Diesel Locomotive
‘Warship’ Class Diesel Locomotive

Some Interesting Information from Wikipedia on the Class 42 “Warship” Diesel Locos.

The D800 series diesel-hydraulic ‘Warship Class’, of B-B wheel arrangement, was constructed by two different builders. Those locomotives built by British Railways at Swindon Works were originally numbered D800-D832 and D866-D870. They were allocated Class 42 under the 1968 classification system, while those built by the North British Locomotive Company (NBL) were originally numbered D833-D865 and allocated Class 43.

The loco was named Hermes after the Royal Navy’s HMS Hermes, the first ship designed as an aircraft carrier. HMS Hermes was launched in 1919 and sunk by Japanese aircraft in 1942 during WW2.

The diesel locomotive D823 Hermes was ‘launched to traffic’ on 6 July 1960 3 October 1971, and was scrapped on 19 May 1972 at Swindon…

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