Genuine Original Type 90 LV Anglepoise Table Study Lamp


Contemporary Matt Black Anglepoise Table lamp

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Genuine Original Type 90 LV Anglepoise Table Study Lamp

This is a brand new, old stock, Genuine Original Type 90 LV Anglepoise Table Study Lamp.

This contemporary (unusual flat head) design Anglepoise desk lamp can turn 360 degrees. The lamp head can swivel left and right and extended 32′ from base to lamp. The Anglepoise is Double insulated and, therefore, does not require an earth connection. It is CE marked and working, but has not been PAT tested.

For over 70 years, Anglepoise has created table lamps and table lights that are now British design classics.

This particular example is a modern matt black. It would suit all sorts of rooms in the home, in addition to the office and workshop.

Manufacturer: Type 90 LV Anglepoise Table Study Lamp

Bulb: 20W 12v Halogen Capsule lamp (UV shielded) for GY 6.35 lampholder

Country of origin: Made in England

Condition: In mint unused condition. Brand new old stock, with tags, and in the original retail box.

No PAT or electrical testing has been conducted on this light. The purchaser must have the electrical item inspected by a competent qualified electrician before any attempt to connect this item to a mains electrical supply.

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Some History For You

George Carwardine design

The Anglepoise lamp is a balanced-arm lamp designed in 1932 by British designer George Carwardine (1887-1947). Carwardine was a practicing design engineer whom was working on vehicle suspensions when he developed the design for his perfect balance mechanism.

Initially, Carwardine established a garden workshop at his home in Bath, UK, and manufactured the lamp himself. He called his company ‘Cardine Accessories’. However, the lamp proved so popular he soon expanded the company by entering into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd, Redditch: known as the ‘Terry Spring Company’. Terry manufactured and marketed the lamp, whilst Carwardine continued with development of the design for different applications for use in the home, industry, Doctor’s, Dentists, Hospitals, and the office.

Outbreak of World War II in 1939 saw production of the lamp diverted to benefit applications for the war effort. This included a lamp developed for use by bomber navigators. This is a great story from the Anglepoise website: –

“Anglepoise® Navigator’s lamps are produced for the World War II bombers between 1939-1944. Four decades later, an American team searching for the Loch Ness Monster salvages a Wellington bomber submerged in the mud. Remarkably the lamp still works! Known as R for Robert, the plane, complete with working lamp, is exhibited at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey, UK.”

Since WWII, the balanced arm has been employed in other devices where it is necessary to hold an object stationary at a convenient point in space. There are lots of copies out there but you can’t beat the real thing!


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