Linolite Desk Clamp Fluorescent Task Lamp


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Vintage Linolite Desk Clamp Fluorescent Task Lamp

We have available a rare 1950s Vintage Linolite Desk Clamp Fluorescent Task Lamp. It was made by Linolite Ltd, which was established in 1914 and based at The Mill Works, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, with a London office in Bishopsgate.

Approximate Dimensions:-
Fully extended length: 89cm
Length of sections (Bottom, middle top): 31, 27, 31cm

It’s in very good condition with some scratching, scuffing and slight loss of green paint. The hood of the lamp can be adjusted to optimise the light positioning and the whole lamp can be folded like an Anglepoise.

Made from steel and fitted with two new standard General Electric T5 F6W/35 light tubes. In addition, the lamp has had remedial work along with Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), which should ensure electrical safety and reliable operation for many years.

A great looking vintage industrial light for your office, workplace or for bench craft work. Wonderful iconic design; really special!
It is just waiting for you to add your own plug adapter (if outside the UK). A wonderful looking vintage lamp to complement any home décor! A real statement piece!

Restoration undertaken:

  • Cleaning and dust removal
  • Rewired with black flex: 0.6cm, 3 core, PVC sheathed, cotton braided.
  • New CE marked black plug top fitted along with a 3A fuse.
  • New Pair Of General Electric (GE) T5 F6W/35 light tubes

Portable Appliance Testing undertaken (PAT): The lamp has been electrically tested using a flagship Seaward Europa Plus PAT tester, and passed the UK Portable Appliance Inspection.

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Alfred Beutell patented a tubular electric lamp in 1901, obtaining the name Linolite Ltd. in 1933. The company specialised in filament strip lights (for displays and shaving lamps with the most notable use being in the Tate gallery, UK). During World War 2, they became the main supplier of hose clips for bomber aircraft de-icing systems (they made 7.5 million hose clips during the war). After the war, they reverted to making electric lights.

In 1985, Linolite Ltd. relocated their premises to the top of Tetbury Hill, but this closed in 1993.

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