1930s Art Deco Wedgwood Keith Murray Tankard Mug


Original Art Deco Wedgwood, Keith Murray designed, Annulus, matt cream coloured tankard.

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1930s Art Deco Wedgwood Keith Murray Tankard Mug

This is a genuine Art Deco Wedgwood Keith Murray Tankard Mug.

It is in pretty good condition with no chips, cracks, scratches, or repairs. However, it does have staining, as shown in the image, which does not come off when gently washed in washing up liquid. This is possibly a manufacturing defect and I have significantly reduced the price as a consequence.

1930s Art Deco Wedgwood Keith Murray Tankard Mug
Staining on the side of the Tankard

The iconic Keith Murray Art Dec design has ensured that these tankards remain highly collectible. It would make a great addition to an existing collection or use as a stein or large coffee mug. A great find for all retro kitchenware and barware collectors!

The tankard measures approximately; 12cm (~4.7″)  tall, and a base diameter of 9.3cm. It weighs 390 grammes unpacked.

On the underside it has the printed ‘Keith Murray, Wedgwood, Made In England’ mark. This means that it was produced in ~1933. The KM monogram was introduced in 1934. In 1940 Wedgwood, Made in England was replaced with Wedgwood of Etruria and Barlaston.

1930s Art Deco Wedgwood Keith Murray Tankard Mug
Keith Murray Backstamp approx. 1933

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Some History For You!

Keith Murray (1892 – 1981) was a New Zealand born architect and designer who worked as a ceramics, glass, and metal ware designer for Wedgwood in the Potteries area of Staffordshire in the 1930s and 1940s.

He is considered one of the most influential designers of the Art deco style. His  designs are much sought after in the modern home, as he is known for his use of monotone colours and sparse use of decoration, which is in keeping with current styles.


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