Vintage Half Doll Porcelain Pin Cushion Lady Table Crumb Brush


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Vintage Half Doll Porcelain Pin Cushion Lady Table Crumb Brush

Unusual and colourful Vintage Half doll Porcelain Pin Cushion Lady Table Crumb Brush. In good used condition. The porcelain has no cracks, chips or restoration.

She is wearing a pale  pink dress with white and black  trim, and sporting a rather dapper green hat and blue cloak with orange lining.

The stiff brush bristles are pink, and the top partially covered by a fabric skirt. Both have faded with age.

She is holding a basket of flowers.

She is marked ‘foreign‘.

Height, including brush: 25.0 cm/ 10 inches (approximately)

Some Trivia For you!

Please click on the following link to our blog on half dolls/ pin cushion ladies or read the summary below.

Pincushion dolls are not really dolls and often were not even pin cushions! Some collectors use the term “half-doll.” The top half of each doll was made of porcelain.

The edge of the half-doll was made with several small holes for thread, and the doll was stitched to a fabric body with a voluminous skirt. The finished figure was used to cover a hot pot of tea, powder box, pincushion, broom, or lamp.

They were made in sizes from less than an inch to over 9 inches high. Pin cushion dolls were often hand-painted. Most date from the early 1900s to the 1950s. Collectors often find just the porcelain doll without the fabric skirt.



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