Cope & Co Art Deco Lady Wall mask /plaque


Cope & Co. Art Deco Lady Wall mask /plaque?

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Art Deco Lady Wall Mask

This is a lovely example of, what we believe is, an Cope & Co. Art Deco Lady Wall mask /plaque. Her colours are quite vibrant and she has no chips or cracks. She has a high gloss glaze.

There is some crazing, as seen with all Cope & Co wall masks, and a glazing mark to the back of her chin.

She measures approximately 17.8cm (7 inches) in length (maximum).

Unfortunately, the impressed maker’s mark on the back is poorly defined but we have seen the same one for sale, as a Cope & Co, from a wall plaque specialist seller.


Some History for you

Cope & Co or J. H. Cope & Co Ltd. Wellington Works, Longton, United Kingdom.

James Cope’s Longton Wellington Works (Staffordshire) was established in 1887 and closed in 1947. They were mainly known for producing everyday china with floral, landscape and later geometric patterns their wares were nearly always marked with a trademark incorporating a portrait of the Duke of Wellington. However, during the 1930s they began producing a series of wall masks which used an alternative impressed mark of C & Co. England or C. Ltd.

Some of the Cope & Co masks were direct copies of Royal Dux (made in, what was then, Czechoslovakia),
but Cope masks were invariably finished with an overall high-gloss glaze which wasn’t always the case with Dux. The Dux were also approximately 1.5cm larger all around.

The glaze on Cope masks does have a marked tendency to develop ‘age-related’ crazing with the crazing probably occurring immediately the items came from the kiln. This crazing is common and rarely detracts from the value of a piece.

Nearly all the Cope masks were produced circa 1934/5 and each Model was made in a variety of colour ways.  Later copies have been made, most notably by Moorland Pottery, but these are clearly marked as ‘Moorland’.

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