1920s/30s Studio Art Pottery Cake Stand


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1920s/30s Studio Art Pottery Cake Stand

I absolutely love the matt colours and form of this 1920s/30s Studio Art Pottery Cake Stand.  The underneath is just as breathtaking as the surface! The surface looks like the sun and sun rays bursting through a cloudy sky.

  • The base stand is hollow, orange in colour and ribbed with a symmetrical pattern at approximately intervals of 1″ (~2.5cm) at the edge.
  • The cake plate surface is matt, pale blue and cream, and with an orange centre. The edges are embossed with a similar ridge pattern to the base but the pattern repeating every 2″ (~5cm). There is also an embossed floral pattern to the centre, which makes it look like a sunflower.
  • The underneath of the top plate is orange with pale blue lines flowing towards the darker orange centre.

This beautiful cake stand would look lovely gracing any sideboard or kitchen work surface filled with fruit and sweets. Since I love baking cakes, and eating them (:-(), I would use it for its intended purpose as a cake stand!

Approximate Dimensions:-

  • Cake plate diameter:- 24.5cm (9.7″)
  • Maximum height:- 10cm (4″)
  • Diameter of the base stand:- 10cm (4″)

It is in very good condition with no cracks, chips or restoration. It is not flawless but the defects evident, e.g. pin holes and bubbles, have been there since the pot was first thrown.

There is a maker’s mark on the base, which is practically illegible! The two initials could be DB and possibly indicate that the stand was made by Dora Billington (1890- 1968), a highly regarded Staffordshire studio potter, however, this cannot be corroborated. It has a similar look to Shelley Art pottery.

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