Vintage English Pewter Perfume Spray Bottle


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Vintage English Pewter Perfume Spray Bottle

This is a plain but stylish vintage English Pewter Perfume Spray Bottle.  We believe it to be over twenty years’ old.

The top of the bottle is a ‘gold’ coloured metal, the main body is pewter. The metal is slightly discoloured and has fine surface scratches. It would benefit from a polish. I would use this to spray perfume, aftershave or even room air freshener!

It was made by The English Pewter Company, Sheffield, England, established in 1977. The base of the bottle bears the manufacturer’s Yeoman mark and the inscription, English Pewter, Made in Sheffield England. 

Approximate Measurements:

Height: 14.3cm

Base diameter:- 6.3cm


Some Trivia For You

Pewter is an alloy based on tin (ideally close to 92%) with approximately 7% Antimony and 1% Copper.  Modern day pewter is free from lead and nickel. This wasn’t always the case. Up to 1974, some of the lower grades of pewter used between 4 and 15% lead!

According to

“Pewter has been with us since biblical times. The earliest record of pewter in Britain dates back to the Roman era around 250 AD. The importance of pewter as a metal and commodity did not develop fully until the middle ages. This period, often termed as the “Golden Age of the English Yeoman”, marked the transformation of the material into everyday usage made possible by economic growth, notably through Britain’s massive export of wool and woven cloth, and the increasing availability of raw materials from which to manufacture pewter.

Pewter making remained a cottage industry until the 1770’s when Jessop and Hankcock developed a new pewter alloy in Sheffield, incorporating antimony instead of lead and a little copper, it became known as Brittania metal and was capable of being given a bright polish. A new method of manufacturing called metal-spinning soon developed which resulted in a vast increase in the production of pewterware. The outcome was a light, highly polished product which soon became a popular alternative to more expensive silver plated goods.”

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