Vintage Penn Bakelite Fishing Reel


Vintage Penn Bakelite Fishing Reel

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Vintage Penn 85 Bakelite Multiplier Sea Fishing Reel.

This is a really nice example of a chrome and vintage Penn bakelite fishing reel made in the U.S.A., probably during the 1940s or 1950s. It is suitable for surf casting, deep sea, pier, and bay fishing.

Unfortunately, I am not a fisherman and have not been able to test the product. It is sold without fishing line.

Since this is such a tactile and decorative object, I would actually use it as a desk or office ornament. It is then readily available for you to pick up, caress, and turn the handle on those days when you are feeling a bit stressed!

Penn reels were used by legendary fishermen such as the famous author Ernest Hemingway. He wrote  the novel “The Old Man and The Sea,” amongst many others.

If you’re interested then please read this blog to learn more about Bakelite.

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