Blue Novus B10EL Electric Stapler


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Blue Novus B10EL Electric Stapler

A brand new, boxed, Blue Novus B10EL Electric Stapler. In, as new condition, and original packaging. In good working order.

These electric staplers are very useful for those with hand mobility problems/ disabilities. You place the sheets of paper in the stapler and ‘Hey Presto’ stapled with minimum effort. Very ergonomic and futuristic design.

Blue Novus B10EL Electric Stapler
Novus B10EL Electric Stapler with No.10 staplers (not included)


  • Staples a maximum of 10 sheets of paper.
  • It holds up to 50 x No. 10 staplers (not included)
  • It works with 4 x1.5 LR6 or AA batteries/ cells (not included)
  • Or you connect to the mains, 230v/ 50Hz, using the lead provided.

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