Vintage WW1 Leather Flying Helmet


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Vintage WW1 Leather Flying Helmet

I know absolutely nothing about the history behind the design of flying helmets, but we believe this is a Vintage WW1 Leather Flying Helmet. It is made from leather with fur lining the helmet edges and chin strap. There is also a fabric ‘sweat band’ inside the helmet. From the style and lack of expertise of the stitching, I have a feeling that the fur and fabric were added as a personal modification to increase the comfort to the wearer. The hemet belongs to an elderly 95 years old relative who, sadly, now has dementia and can’t remember where he got it from.

The leather is pliable and in fairly good condition. There are signs of wear, including some scuffing and surface scratches on the leather. The fabric sweat band has slightly discoloured, and there are one or two bald patches in the fur. Puncture marks, in the leather on the earflaps, are present from where someone had sewn back the earflaps against the main body of the helmet.

It is in the style of a Mandleburgh leather flying helmet, which were made for the United States forces.

NB: The Phrenologist’s bust is not included in the sale and is used for photographic purposes only. 


  • Age: WW1 to early 1920s Leather Pilot or Motorcyclists helmet
  • Approximate Dimensions: No hemet size or manufacturer information available.  When flat it measures approx. 26.5 cm from the top to the chin strap, and 27cm from the front to back of the helmet (excluding the peak on the cap)
  • Comprises:
    • A peak
    • Fur lining around the inside top
    • Sweat Band
    • Leather covered metal buckle (leather had just about disappeared)
    • Fur-lined leather chin strap with 4 metal grommets
    • Ear Holes with leather flaps that can insert into the holes

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