1939 WW2 KVK German War Merit Cross Second Class Medal


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1939 WW2 KVK German War Merit Cross Second Class Medal

This is a 1939 WW2 German War Merit Cross Second Class medal in good condition, on an original ribbon which carries rust stains and tears where it has been pinned.

The War Merit Cross Second Class, without swords, is a bronze plated Maltese cross which measures 49mm in width. It was constructed from a wide range of materials, from zinc with a bronzed wash, to a few bronze pieces. The quality of the materials decreased as the war progressed, hence, late war crosses lose their bronze wash making them appear grey. This medal still has some ‘bronze’ colouration.

The arms of the cross on both sides have a flat edge with a pebbled centre. An eyelet is soldered to the upper arm of the cross through which the ribbon loops. The cross was presented with a 6″ ribbon piece of ribbon with bands of red-white-black-white-red (the colours of the Iron Cross reversed). In the case of the combatant grade a pair of military swords, finished on both sides, were placed between the arms of the cross.

The War Merit Second Class Without Swords was mainly issued to non-combatants in furtherance of the war effort but not necessarily in the face of the enemy e.g. industrialists  and factory workers. The equivalent medal with swords tended to be issued to military personnel for bravery but not necessarily in the face of the enemy.

A nice addition to a medal collection or for collectors of WW2 memorabilia!

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