1954 Mounted Colour Football Print Roy Clarke (Manchester City)


Mounted colour football print of Roy Clarke of Manchester City, 1954.

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1954 Mounted colour Football print Roy Clarke (Manchester City)

On offer today we have a 1954 Mounted colour Football print Roy Clarke (Manchester City). These are overlaid to an ivory cream backboard of 1mm thickness and 10 x 12 inches dimension using acid free fixative. The mounted print is overlaid with a (slightly textured) Arqadia mount board of 1.4mm thickness and matching dimensions with a brilliant white colour stabilised core and a 45º bevelled-edge which features a 2mm overlap.

Ivory Cream Back Board

The whole ensemble is supplied ready for the purchaser to fit into a picture frame of their choosing.

Image size: 10 x 8 inches. (Mounted: 12 x 10 inches)

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Roy Clarke became the first footballer to play a game in each top 3 divisions in England (Div 1, 2 and 3) in the space of just 3 months when he joined Manchester City in June 1947. (City were in Div 2 at the time and promoted to Div 1 that year when he signed from Cardiff City who were in Div 3).



“Dashing Roy Clarke, oustide left for Wales is a key man in Manchester City’s forward plans. He was one of the unlucky players last year as a sustained knee injury kept him from the FA Cup Final against Newcastle.”


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