Vintage Lledo Promotional Model Truck Mitchell Cotts


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Vintage Lledo Promotional Model Truck Mitchell Cotts

This is a 1990s Vintage Lledo Promotional Model Truck Mitchell Cotts. It is unboxed and in good condition. The open top delivery truck is carrying a load of 6 barrels.

Mitchell Cotts Chemicals are now a manufacturer of Pharmaceutical actives and Intermediates, based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK. At the time this promotional vehicle was introduced, they were best known for their range of Agrochemicals, which are advertised on the side of the truck.

Condition: The model is unboxed and in good condition, although there are a few paint flecks missing from some of the edges.

Brand: Lledo Promotional

Material: Diecast Metal

Colour: Yellow

Type: Truck

Model: 1990s Promotion for Mitchell Cotts Chemicals Company, Mirfield, England

Size: approximately 9cm length

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Some Trivia For You!

Lledo was founded in 1982 by the cofounder of Matchbox, Jack Odell and Burt Russell. Lledo is a reversal of Odell’s name, which he used as a mnemonic for his wireless call sign during WW2 in Africa.

The die cast toys were produced in Enfield, England from 1983 to 1999 using some of the Lesney tooling and machinery from the closed down Matchbox factory in Enfield, Essex.

Lledo produced the “Days Gone” brand of model toys. Some of the assets were sold to Corgi in 1999 and the Lledo name dropped in 2004 when the range became absorbed into Corgi Classics.

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