1920s Green Eyed Kitty Table Game Puzzle


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1920s Green Eyed Kitty Table Game Puzzle by BCM/BAA

I think this 1910/1920s Green Eyed Kitty Table Game Puzzle is wonderful! The game was manufactured by BCM/ BAA in the UK and is also known as a dexterity puzzle.

This was made in the days way before Nintendo, iPods, X-boxes and the Wi, when children played outside. It was only on rainy days they came indoors to read, or play cards, board games and table games.

This little puzzle, measuring 8.3cm x 8.3cm x 2cm (depth), comprises a black kitten, with green eyes, enclosed in a wooden box with four coloured rings (red, green, blue, yellow). The top of the box is made from glass, and the wood is covered with a red paper.

The aim of the game is to ‘Get the rings on kitty’s tail.’ It’s not that easy to do, trust me!

The game is in good condition considering it is nearly 100 years old. Some of the red paper/ wood is missing on each of the four corners on the face side of the game.

Someone has also drawn in pen around the back label, which lists the set of puzzles available.  Some of the puzzles have very intriguing names like ‘obstinate donkeys’ and ‘safety first.’

A nice gift for a collector of games and puzzles or for a cat lover! Very rare!

If you like vintage games/ puzzles, then please click on the following link for more ideas.

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