Vintage British Police Car Siren Loudspeaker


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Vintage British Police Car Siren Loudspeaker

This Vintage British Police Car Siren Loudspeaker is a wonderful relic of police siren history. We are unable to identify the manufacturer but it is either Celestion or Tannoy, UK.

In very good used condition, with a few scratches and blemishes commensurate with age and use. Just the thing for displaying in your man-cave, garage or for mounting on your classic police car! We haven’t tested the loudspeaker.

Please note that we do not have the rest of the siren assembly drive unit available to accompany the loudspeaker. The complete vintage siren assemblies are quite rare, and sell in excess of £300 if you are lucky enough to find one, but it is often the loudspeaker that is missing. This item is effectively a weatherproof loudspeaker that acts as the emitter for the siren.  Connection is by the BNC socket on the rear of the loudspeaker.   The connector needs to go to the siren drive unit, itself an oscillator that provides the pee-paw police tone.


  • Grey metal (aluminium?)
  • Numbered T8423
  • Manufactured by Celestion or Tannoy
  • Waterproof locking silver-plated coaxial connector
  • Fixing bracket

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Face Diameter: 12.5cm
  • Back Diameter: 10cm (4″)
  • Depth including connector: 11.5cm
  • Height including fixing bracket (but not the bolt/screw):- 16.3cm

It dates to the 1960s:  the predecessor to the external loudspeaker siren was the mechanical bell, typically by Winkworth. Today’s police cars use electronic sirens.

This type of siren loudspeaker was often mounted on the car roof, radiator grille, front bumper or front wing. The one we have for sale is composed of unpainted metal but you could also find painted versions; particularly in white.

Just think, this siren may have sat on a Ford Zodiac or Zephyr police car or there again a Jaguar Mark 2 or even a Daimler Dart SP250!


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