Solido Model Car Age D’Or 1939 Rolls Royce Model 46 1/43 scale


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Solido Model Car Age D’Or 1939 Rolls Royce (Model 46). Range ‘Les Models Prestgieux 1925/1940.’ 1/43 scale

This is a reproduction Solido Model Car Age D’Or 1939 Rolls Royce in excellent condition and never been played with.

It would be great for model vehicle collectors or for use as a desk ornament.


A very good condition car, with the original Solido plastic box and cardboard surround.

The outer plastic box has cracks and the surrounding outer cardboard is ripped.

Brand: Solido (Made in France)

Material: DieCast Series: Age D’Or

Colour: Dark Green

Theme:  Scale: 1:43

Features: Special Edition Vehicle ‘Les Models Prestgieux 1925/1940.’

Type: Cars Vehicle Make: Rolls Royce 1939

Model: 46 (11-76)

Approximate Size:

Length of car = 13cm (5.1″ inches)

Box length = 15cm (5.9″) Box width= 6cm (2.4″)

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Some Trivia For you!

Solido was originally established in 1930. It is a French manufacturer of die-cast model cars and trucks based in Oulins, Anet, France, about 40 miles west of Paris. Vehicles are usually made of zamac alloy in varying scales, but mostly 1:43.

Zamac is an acronym of the initials of the family of metals within the alloy.  The base metal is Zinc, with alloying elements of Aluminium, Magnesium, and Copper.

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