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WW2 Maritime Plotting Table Clock British Admiralty Pattern No. 810

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WW2 Maritime Plotting Table Clock British Admiralty Pattern No. 810 

What a fantastic Vintage WW2 Maritime Plotting Table Clock British Admiralty Pattern No. 810, a real piece of history! As you would expect with anything made for the Royal Navy, this plotting table log clock has been very well engineered. It was made in about the 1940s.

Approximate Dimensions:-
  • Face Diameter: 10.8cm (4.25″)
  • Height (excluding electrical contacts): 6cm (2.4″)

The dial is marked ADY.PATT No. 810, which translates as Admiralty Pattern No. 810, and it was made by Colborne of Trowbridge, No. 898. The case is metal covered brass, with a hinged bezel holding a glass lid in place via a strong metal clip.

The clock is in very good vintage condition with no cracks or restoration. The dial has some loss of surface paint commensurate with age. It is manually wound with a standard clock key and has a nice loud tick.

The dial also has two levers, the one on the right is a ‘fast-slow regulator’ and the other is a ‘hacking’ lever which stops and restarts the clock movement.

The back of the clock case is made from bakelite and is marked with the recommended contacts to use with different plotting table logs: Forbes, Pitometer, and Chernikeef. In this case the ‘log’ is a device trailed from a ship to determine its speed through the water.
  • Forbes: a small rotator in a tube projecting below the bottom of a vessel, with suitable registering devices.
  • Pitometer: a pitot tube projecting into the water and used to measure a ship’s speed relative to the water.
    • A pitot tube is bent. The curved end of the tube is placed underwater, and the height to which the fluid rises in the tube is measured.
  • Chernikeef : is an impellor-type of underwater device used to measure speed and distance. It was invented by an officer of the Russian Imperial Navy and further developed by the British Navy.

    This lovely clock would make a great gift for vintage maritime collectors or as a novelty gift for that special someone…
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