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WW2 Admiralty Pattern 900-4090 Industrial Safety Lamp

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WW2 Admiralty Pattern 900-4090 Industrial Safety Lamp

This WW2 Admiralty Pattern 900-4090 Industrial Safety Lamp is a heavy duty Safety lamp made by Oldham and Son of Denton, Manchester; founded in 1865. We believe the lamp dates from the 1930s/40s, and was made for the Admiralty for use in WW2. It is stamped on the side and base with Oldham. The side is also engraved with the Admiralty pattern number; 900-4090.

Approximate Size:

  • Height, excluding carry handle: 27cm
  • Base Diameter: 9.6cm

The lamp appears to be made from a mixture of Nickel plated steel and brass. The bulb housing is made from heavy duty glass and protected by 4 metal rods; it resembles a lighthouse!

This lamp is in fair used condition, with scuffs, scratches and pits on the lamp surface. There is also a slight dent on one side. It has not been tested as you need a special wrench to open the lamp, which we don’t have. If desired, the new owner could probably have the lamp stripped and polished but I prefer to leave it in original condition as a survivor of sea battles waged in WW2.

This type of lamp is becoming increasingly difficult to find. It would look great as a display item in an industrial themed home or office environment, either stood on a surface or hung from a ceiling in the man cave/she den!

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Some Trivia For You!

Oldham were known as manufacturers of quality batteries and were commissioned by the Admiralty to make a flame safe lamp for use in areas on naval vessels where sparks could cause an explosion. This was particularly a problem in WW2, on ordnance ships and submarines, where the presence of explosives presented an even higher risk.

Oldham came up with the ingenious design of a twist-lock base to prevent accidental access to the internal (potentially spark producing) area of the lamp, which can only be opened with a combination key/spanner/wrench. Many of these lamps also saw service in mines as miner’s safety lamps.

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